Design is empathy. Check out some spotlighted portfolio projects below.

AI Coaching Experience

Creating an easy to use interface for engaging with a fully trademarked AI Wellness Coach.

Event Vendor Marketplace Web App

Fully designing a CMS, listing discovery, and marketplace e-commerce experience.

Mobile Game for Building Habits

Creating fun, sticky games that promote good habits and Mental Fitness.

Gamified LMS & XP System

Created a gamified LMS system purpose built for Sales training content.

Illustration & SVG Animation

Creating looping Lottie animations perfectly adaptable to any digital player.

E-commerce, Branding & SEO

Coded and designed a storefront experience & brand with a heavy focus on SEO.

B2B Ticketing Storefront

Coding, designing and promoting a web-based event ticketing system

Lead Gen & SEO

Coding and designing a workflow for Lead Gen with 10k+ views a day.

Live Podcast Production

Produced 237 episodes for a live podcast streamed across multiple channels.

Elections Candidate Finder

Designing and coding a website showcasing candidates for the Guatemalan 2023 Elections.

Graphic Design & Public Relations

Improved user journeys for finding relevant resources, and hosted events and broadcasts.

Localization & CCT

Creating a multilingual website built around showcasing lawyers, practices, and more.

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